Israeli report recommends surrogate mothers for gay men


JERUSALEM (JTA) — An Israeli Health Ministry committee has recommended that gay men be allowed to use a surrogate mother to have a child.

The report issued Sunday by the 12-member panel recommends that gay men and single women be allowed to conceive children with a surrogate mother and married women to be surrogates, Haaretz reported. It also permits non-anonymous sperm donation.

While gay men may gain the right to use a surrogate mother, the report only allows them to use a volunteer or altruistic surrogate, which will make finding a surrogate more difficult, according to Haaretz. Family members also will be allowed to serve as surrogates as long as they are not daughters, grandmothers or grandchildren.

Ethicists, doctors and social workers were among the members of the committee, which was appointed two years ago to make recommendations on fertility and birth policies.

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