Brad Sherman: It was on purpose


Via BuzzFeed, Brad Sherman says the distribution of two sets of family photos to constituents — one with his Mom, one without — was all part of the plan.

"If people see my family they’re going to vote for me,"  explains the congressman running against fellow Jewish Dem Howard Berman in the LA burbs.

Sherman suggests his campaign didn’t have the funds to pay to publish the photo as an ad. "We scraped around to buy an ad in the Jewish Journal."

And now, thanks to the Journal, this humble website, BuzzFeed, and others:

By God, we now have, without us paying for it, copies of pictures of myself and my family in the Jewish Journal and we hope in other publications as well.

There’s a sitcom logic in all of this, a kind of Danny Partridge-Reuben Kincaid plot gone awry…

Sherman reminds me a little of Dave Madden, the actor who played Kincaid.

Never mind. I’ll take him at his word and say I guess we were suckered.

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