South Tel Aviv quiet but tense


NEW YORK (JTA) — South Tel Aviv remained calm but tense Friday after recent violence aimed at African immigrants.

Border police were deployed along with regular police to maintain order in the Hatikvah neighborhood, which was the scene of rioting against African migrants earleir in the week.

Wednesday night, rampaging Israelis assaulted migrants and looted storefronts belonging to Africans. Rioters smashed the windshield of a car carrying three migrants as well as other car windows. The rioters also set trash bins on fire and threw firecrackers at police.

Also, according to The Jerusalem Post, an 18-year-old Tel Aviv resident was arrested Friday morning on suspicion membership in a gang that attacked Africans.

The police alert is expected to last through Shavuot, which ends in Israel on Sunday evening.

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