You try playing pinocle in peace with the name Fred Hitler (JTA’s best June 4 article EVER)


I kid you not… check out this June 4, 1933 article titled "Kiss the Mezzuzah–and Meet the Brownsville Hitlers":

Herr Adolf Hitler of Germany would be covered with confusion if he dared to enter the strictly kosher home of Mrs. Rose Hitler, pretty young Jewish housewife, who lives at 233 E. 92nd Street, in the heart of Brooklyn’s Brownsville.

Mrs. Hitler, her husband, Fred, and their two children, Herbert, 9, and Rita, 4, confess that the German political trouble has made their lives extremely complicated.

Fred can’t get into a pinochle game anymore without some kibitzer calling him "Handsome Adolf".

Little Herbert, who goes to P. S. 181, finds that existence is merely one scrap after another.

Rita, a vivacious girl, finds her big brown eyes filling with tears whenever her playmates tease her and call her a Nazi. "I ain’t a Nazzy", says Rita; "I’m Jewish."

Her friends reply in chorus: "Rita’s a Nazzy, Rita’s a Nazzy!" …

Check out the full article to find out what Mrs. Hitler thought about the whole thing and how many Hitler families were living in New York.

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