Guma Aguiar disappearance recalls other ‘lost’ individuals


Philanthropist Guma Aguiar has disappeared at sea.

[[READMORE]] Following an extensive search, the U.S. Coast guard on Thursday called off the search for the missing 35-year-old millionaire and Jewish philanthropist, whose abandoned boat washed ashore in Fort Lauderdale early Wednesday morning.

Aguiar’s disappearance, unsolved as of this blog post, hearkens back to earlier incidents noted in the JTA Archive:   

  • In 1929, a group of “distinguished Palestine residents” including Harry Sacher were rescued after 24 hours stranded on their motor boat, which ran out of fuel in the middle of the Dead Sea.

  • Just shy of his 33rd birthday, Jewish philanthropist Ivan Tillem died in a plane crash while accompanying U.S. Rep. Mickey Leland on a mission to Ethiopia in 1989.

  • One year ago, 39-year-old Israeli lawyer Aviram Yariv’s body was found approximately one week after his boat was overturned by a hippopotamus while on a family vacation in Zambia’s Zambezi River. His two children were rescued.

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