Can Sarah Silverman convince Sheldon Adelson to dump Mitt Romney?


In 2008, the folks behind The Great Schlep video/campaign deployed Sarah Silverman to help persuade bubbes in Florida to vote for Barack Obama.

Now they are out with another video/campaign — this time with Silverman trying to sway just one voter: Sheldon Adelson.

This video is more Silverman. That is, it’s much raunchier. Then again, it’s much less funny. (Or maybe I’m just getting old.)

More interesting than the video itself, is the launch of "Schlep Labs" — a way for people to turn their ideas for pro-Obama campaigns into a reality:

Tell us how you would use humor, video, celebrity, and/or social media to build support for President Obama’s reelection campaign. Our staff of experienced artists, web developers, and political operatives can help you develop your idea. When it’s ready, our PR people can use their media contacts to bring your idea to a wider audience, giving it the little push that it needs to get people’s attention.

No word on whether the package includes Silverman. 

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