The Jewish campaigns go to graphics


The Republican Jewish Coalition is launching an ad campaign in swing states, aimed at disillusioned Obama voters. It’s called "My Buyer’s Remorse."

The Wall Street Journal has the goods. The New York Times plasters Sheldon Adelson all over its version of the story (which made its front page) but no one is saying — and I checked this with the RJC’s Matt Brooks — that Adelson is funding this campaign. And the Times story never makes it clear why it thinks Adelson is funding the campaign.

So why make it all about Adelson? Ask the Times. (Hey Sheldon, no reason to give away Israel HaYom any more — apparently your punim on the front page sells product!)

The RJC ran a similar campaign two years ago, but it didn’t include videos and the newspaper ads featuring "former Democrats" were kind of an "eh" — one was Ari Fleischer, who crossed over to the GOP, when? Circa the emancipation proclamation?

This one hits harder because you get actual ordinary folks who voted for Obama in 2008.

It’s no secret that Adelson funds a chunk of the RJC’s work, and that such funding would help enable a campaign the Times and the Journal say will cost $6.5 million. And it’s especially no secret at the group’s friendly rival, the National Jewish Democratic Council, where I hear folks dream of snagging their own private Adelson.

But give ’em their due: They make do. So, no NJDC TV campaign, but this game — "Who did what on Israel?" — is a lot of fun. I scored 8 out of 10. Here’s the trick: The good stuff was probably done by the second guy from the left.

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