My Illuminati outfit is at the cleaners


Here at JTA, we take anti-Semitism very, very seriously.

Even when the haters make it hard for us.

"Hard" is when you couple this prose in Iran’s PressTV’s expose about the Zionist workings at the Olympics:

It is said that a small but very powerful Zionist group, has a place in the Illuminati inner circle powers. Their aim is to create a single government that could control all aspects of the global population. 


Conspiracy researchers believe that pro-Israeli lobbies and Illuminati powers take a liking to clues and symbols. 

The 2012 logo for the London Olympics has been recognized in jumbled letters to spell the word Zion, the Zionist religious name for New Jerusalem. 

A possible element of Zionist or Illuminati influences can be seen in the physical appearances of the London Olympics mascots Wenlock and Mandeville, both designed with one large eye that parents in London find strange and creepy as the creatures are supposed to be role model characters for their children. 

With this art:

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