Mitt Romney’s neat head twisting trick


Rich Williamson, a top foreign policy adviser to the Romney campaign and a diplomat in the Reagan and both Bush administrations, was just asked at an International Republican Institute event here in Tampa whether Mitt Romney would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

He said he would give the same answer he gave to an AIPAC gathering yesterday:

President Romney will enjoy the beautiful view of the Mediterannean and Tel Aviv as he travels to the Israeli capital of Jerusalem.

I’m not sure what this means:

–As Romney travels to Jerusalem is he recognizing Tel Aviv? As in, "Hey, that’s Tel Aviv! Pretty."

–Why doesn’t he want to look at Jerusalem?

–Wouldn’t this be uncomfortable, twisting around like that? Unless…

–Romney was strapped to the roof, facing backwards?

Anyway, the view is only good for about 20 kilometers. The next 40, it’s pretty much hills either way you look.

My advice: Relax, sit back, enjoy the hilly landscape.


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