Romney cites ‘Israel differences’ with Obama in Libya statement


Mitt Romney just now condemned the attacks yesterday on U.S. diplomats in Egypt and Libya which left four staff at the Benghazi consulate dead.

He also defended his original statement last night slamming the Obama administration for a statement by the Cairo embassy condemning the incendiary anti-Muslim movie that prompted the attacks.

The real story here may be when that statement came out: some reports say it was after the Cairo embassy was breached; others say it came hours before the breaches at either embassy, and is consistent with statements by other presidents condemning offenses against religious sensibility. (George W. Bush condemned the Danish anti-Mohammed cartoons.)

The thrust of reporters’ questions at the press conference, though, was whether such criticism was appropriate in the immediate aftermath of the attack. Romney said it is normative to distinguish oneself from an opponent in a presidential campaign, on foreign policy questions as well as domestic ones.

His first example in the present case? Differences with Obama on Israel policy:

The president and I, for instance, have differences of opinion with regards to Israel and our policies there, with regard to Iran, with regards to Afghanistan with regards to Syria, we have many places of distinctions and differences.

Thanks to BuzzFeed for being first to capture the video:

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