Most Jewish Israelis will fast on Yom Kippur, poll finds


(JTA) — Sixty-four percent of Jewish Israelis will fast and 46 percent will pray on Yom Kippur, according to a survey.

According to Ynet News, which conducted the survey along with the social dialogue organization Gesher, more than 80 percent of Jewish Israelis will spend the day either praying, reflecting or spending time with family. A slight majority of secular Israeli Jews plans to stay at home, while virtually all religious Jews will attend synagogue.

A variety of Yom Kippur activities outside of the synagogue exist for secular Israelis, including the popular pastime of bicycling on roads that for one day every year are nearly devoid of cars.

Only half a percent of Israelis said they would travel on the holy day.

The poll surveyed 502 respondents 18 and older. Its margin of error was 4.3 percent.

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