Babs errs on Obama


To the Editor:

On Barbra Streisand’s National Jewish Democratic Council video, I have always been a great fan of Streisand but I thoroughly disagree with her. As a Jew and also a believer in God, which unfortunately are not necessarily the same, I absolutely know in my heart that Barack Obama does not have Jewish values. On the other hand Mitt Romney, who is a practicing Mormon, does believe in God, charity, caring for the sick and doing good deeds. He has done this his entire adult life. I would like to know what “Jewish values” Ms. Streisand is talking about.

I am a woman, a Jew, a lover of Israel, a business owner, a doctor, a wife, a mother and an American patriot. I have been so disgusted that the American Jews are so assimilated that they cannot see that Obama does not stand behind our people.  He will not even stand next to Benjamin Netanyahu. Why have the American Jews forgotten about Israel?

I pray to God every day that our 45th president of the USA is Mitt Romney. Barack Obama has set our country back so far that we are the laughingstock of the world.

Dr. Barbra Friedland Gibbons Chisena
West Chester, Pa.

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