Biased for Obama


To the Editor:

Why doesn’t JTA just endorse President Obama already? I am sick of reading your articles that pretend to be fair but are thinly disguised promotion for Obama.

The “kishkes” test? I mean really. As if Jews had nothing to worry about — or no other president has been subject to suspicion on Israel.

The FIRST thing Obama did after the election was go on his Muslim apology tour. He spoke at some university in Cairo and said Israel only existed because of guilt over the Holocaust, ignoring and denying the Jews’ right to the land that was theirs 3,000 years ago and the fact that Jews had been working on the unused land to bring it back to arability. And, oh yes, that American soldiers died protecting Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo who are now ethnically cleansing Kosovo.

He bowed so low to the king of Saudi Arabia — many, many Americans were upset about this, not just Jews. After that he decided to make peace in the Middle East by putting pressure on Israel to withdraw from even more land. They’ve already withdrawn from the Sinai, Lebanon and Gaza, and what good has it done them? Yet Obama put not an ounce of pressure on the Arabs, in fact giving them an emergency $300 million for their “damages.”

He disrespected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly, even blowing off to go on "The David Letterman Show" — an entertainment program while people are getting killed. He doesn’t even care that his own people are being murdered in Libya by Islamic terrorists who he supplied with the weapons. Then he lies about it at least three times and goes about fundraising because nothing is more important to him than playing golf — I mean winning his reelection, so he can go out and play more golf.

Just drop the pretense already.

Judy Perlman
New York, N.Y.

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