Dialogue with Iran is senseless


To the Editor:

Dialogue and diplomatic endeavors have failed. They allow time to those who refuse to recognize Israel, yet clamor for its destruction, to aquire capital to rearm, reposition, plan and execute bombings and kidnappings, set booby traps and engage in small arms sniping.

Iran has been a major weapons supplier to Hamas and its leaders often rant about the destruction of Israel. Iranian leaders have denied that the Nazis had concentration camps and killed millions. Is there any question that the government of Iran is a dangerous, extremist, fundamentalist, fanatical regime?

Wake up! What will come from dialogue with a state such as this?

If the goal is peace, the solution is easy: Stop attacking Israel. Start doing business together and raising the standard for everyone. Israel will respond with all kinds of ways to live profitably together, but let go of the fundamentalist mentality.

If those that hate Israel would simply lay down their weapons, Israel would respond not only in kind but share its health, science, food, power, water, etc. If there is to be any dialogue, Israel should use the time wisely to prepare for a worst-case scenario. At the same time, hoping for a miracle doesn’t hurt.

Michael Robins
Columbia, Mo.

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