So Mandy Patinkin knows Kaddish, but can he do a bris? (HOMELAND SPOILER ALERT)


The season finale of Homeland featured Mandy Patinkin reciting Kaddish. (I won’t say why… just in case you DVRed it, or plan to start watching the series on DVD once you get finished with Friday Night Lights and Breaking Bad).

His delivery was solid. Of course, coming from Mr. Mamalsohen, that’s no surprise.

The real question is… can he do a bris? I’m asking because of his appreance last week on "Good Day NY" on Fox5, when one of the co-hosts bailed in the middle of the interview because he got the call that his wife was going into labor:[[READMORE]]

Sorry, but can’t find a clip of Patinkin’s Kaddish rendition. So, I’ll do you one better…

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