Seeking answers on Hagel


To the Editor:

Why does JTA end its story on Chuck Hagel noting the softening tone of Jewish critics with a quote from the marginal organization J Street? Is this the JTA view also?

Why doesn’t the story provide the evidence that Hagel’s positions on Israel are distorted, as Hagel claims? Hagel claims that the Israel lobby makes lawmakers do “dumb things.” Really? What are they?

Why doesn’t the story provide some detail on ADL’s objections to Hagel as to being soft of terrorism, soft on Iran, hard on Israel, etc.? These are crucial issues for the Jewish community.

Why no comment on the 180-degree shift in position of the NJDC when the facts haven’t changed one iota from its severe criticism of Hagel as a Republican incompetent to its support since his nomination by President Obama?

Why no comment on Barney Frank’s unprincipled in-your-face shift, in which he said that Hagel’s anti-gay agenda bothers him less than making common cause with what Republicans want?

Answers please.

Sam Bahn
New York, N.Y.

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