Chuck Schumer hearts Beyonce, despite lip-sync scandal


Lots of folks have lots to say about Beyonce’s lip-sync-gate at Obama’s inauguration last week, but Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York thinks everyone should leave the Queen B alone.

Although the New York Post reported today that Schumer was still waiting for an apology from Beyonce over lip-syncing to the National Anthem, a source close to the senator said he thought the whole thing was a “nothingburger.”

“He wishes people would leave Beyoncé alone. She performed for free, and it was a thrill to have her at the ceremony. Just look at his face during her performance! He’d have her back in a New York minute,” the source told Buzzfeed. “He has been friendly with Beyoncé and Jay-Z since they met at the Jelly concerts a few years back.”

“As far as Schumer’s concerned, they are BFFs,” the source added. “His daughters have loaded Beyoncé songs on his iPod. He listens to them when he goes biking.”

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