A Rabbi stops by ABC’s Shark Tank


An Orthodox Jew dropped by ABC’s Shark Tank this past weekend, and using his sharp Rabbi skills, performed quite the pitch for his business venture.

Rabbi Moshe Weiss, a father of three from St Paul, Minnesota, described his job as a Rabbi as taking a lot of faith, a virtue he likes to apply to his business.

Weiss arrived on the show to present his invention, the Sound Bender, a magnetic, power-free amplifier that clips onto the back of iPad magnetically and enhances the gadget sound. He made sure to throw in lots of “oiy veihs” into his presentation, and played “Hava Nagilah” for the panel to display his gadget’s sound increase.

The panel of sharks laughed at Weiss for most of the presentation, noting that he had “chutzpah” but also voiced their skepticism of his product.

Lucky for Rabbi Weiss, FuBu CEO Daymond John made an offer to grant Weiss the $54,000 he requested in exchange for 40% of his company shares.

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