Is Jesse Heiman the new James Deen?


Looks like the Jewish community may have a new porn king on our hands, especially now that Ron Jeremy is in the hospital.

Jesse Heiman, the lucky lucky nerd who stole the pride of every man in America after making out with Bar Refaeli for a Super Bowl commercial, has since been offered roles in pornography.

Assence Films, a porn company based in LA, reached out to Heiman to star in one of their pornos with his choice of actors, producer Mike Kulich told the Huffington Post.

“We want to bring the average guy to our movies and Jesse is just the guy for the job,” he said. “We are prepared to give him a scene with any girl of his choosing and a nice check to accompany his porn debut.”

“There is a huge market,” Kulich added. “Look at Ron Jeremy. He’s the most popular porn star because he’s an average guy who gets hot girls.”

Seems like the porn company is not going to leave Heiman alone any time soon– they even posted on his Facebook wall— but they’ve gone after candidates that are atypical for pornos in the past, last year, offering Honey Boo Boo’s cousin, “Crazy” Tony Lindsey a role too.

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