Dustin Hoffman gets trashed before hitting the red carpet


What’s the best way to handle Oscars season?

Drinking. Lots of drinking, according to Jewish actor Dustin Hoffman.

“It’s not me, it’s the Patrón,” he told Bon Appétit Magazine about his ability to rock the red carpet. “I can’t eat before the ceremony, but I drink, to steady my nerves. I become very friendly, particularly with reporters that never get any action.

Hoffman’s drink of choice “used to be a Greyhound” before he switched to “gin and tonic” and “now it’s tequila.”

And while he’s doing lots of partying before the awards ceremonies, Hoffman says he prefers to ditch all the after-party.

“We never go to parties after awards ceremonies. We go to In-N-Out — in the limo, all dressed up — and eat hamburgers all the way home. It’s better than any post-Oscar party you could think of,” he said.

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