Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Israeli TV mistake



Julia Louis-Dreyfus, best known for her role as Elaine in “Seinfeld” and as vice president in HBO’s “Veep”, is making Israeli headlines after starring in Israel’s YES satellite television company commercial.

In the commercial, Louis-Dreyfus assumes a woman in her elevator is pregnant, and spends the rest of the commercial coming up with solutions of how to rectify her mistake. The commercial ends with her saying, “made a mistake? Just fix it!” and viewers are told how they can switch to YES satellite if they still have cable.

The bit provides lots of laughs, but Israeli women are not too happy about how silly she makes women look.

Na’mat, Israel’s women’s organization had their chairwoman Galit Wolloch complaining to Israel’s Channel 2, and took to Facebook to write how insulting and condescending the commercial’s message is, Haaretz noted.

“I call for a stop to this rude and insulting ad, which is running in prime time on commercial television,” she wrote in Hebrew, saying the placement of an attractive woman near a heavier one appearing to be pregnant offends “hundreds of thousands of women across the country.”


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