Pat Boone donates ‘Exodus’ song lyrics to Yad Vashem


JERUSALEM (JTA) — American singer Pat Boone, an evangelical Christian, gave a Christmas card to Yad Vashem on which he composed the lyrics to the theme song from the film "Exodus."

Boone gave the card with the lyrics to the "This Land is Mine" to the museum on Wednesday, according to reports citing a museum statement. The movie, based on the book by Leon Uris, was released in 1960.

He is visiting Israel with a delegation of some 200 Christians led by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

The singer and actor told The Jerusalem Post that he plans to sell one-square-inch plots of land in the Galilee, able to be located on Google Maps and GPS programs, to fellow evangelical Christians to make them feel more connected to the land of Israel. 

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