Sacha Baron Cohen is highest paid British actor in the US


We pay a lot of money for Sacha Baron Cohen to make us feel uncomfortable.

The Jewish London native is officially the highest paid British actor in America, according to, and even tops Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks in breaking the Benjamins.

Last year, Baron Cohen ranked in £20 million, thanks to his film, “The Dictator,” but did not make the Forbes Celebrity 100 list because apparently he’s not famous enough in the US– whatever that means. Tom Cruise comes ahead of him in salary, bringing in £48 million last year, and trailing behind him is Tom Hanks, at £17 million, and Brad Pitt at£16 million.

Surfacing to stardom through his hilarious HBO sitcom, “The Ali G Show,” (you may remember “Throw the Jew Down the Well”), Baron Cohen went on to make the Hollywood Blockbusters “Borat” and “Bruno.”

Other notable films that raised his salary including playing the voice of King Julien in Dreamworks’ “Madagascar” trilogy,” his role as Inspector Gustave in the 11-time Oscar-winning film, “Hugo,” and most recently, playing the innkeeper, Thenardier, in Les Miserables.

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