U.S. haredi rabbis group opposes drafting haredim into Israeli army


NEW YORK (JTA) — An umbrella group of haredi Orthodox rabbis in the United States voiced its opposition to the drafting of yeshiva students into the Israeli army.

Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah of America said Tuesday in a statement that it was against proposals broached by political parties in Israel, like the new Yesh Atid, that would reduce or rescind exemptions given to haredi Orthodox youths who declare Torah as their craft.

"We are deeply dismayed by the efforts in Eretz Yisroel to draft B’nei Yeshiva and remove them from the Beis Medrash, the wellspring of Torah to which they dedicate their days and nights," the group said, adding that "the perseverance and security of Hashem’s people are rooted in its dedication to Torah study …"

The group called on Israel not to change the status quo in which Israeli haredim are not drafted into the army.

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