Estranged brother of Daniel Day-Lewis appears, reveals family feud to UK papers


In case you were wondering about a gigantic fight that split the family of Oscar-winning Jewish actor Daniel Day-Lewis, the British papers are all over it.

Sean Day-Lewis, the half brother of Daniel, is reportedly desperate to end a 19-year fight and took to the Telegraph to share his story of their fight (because publicizing the fight will probably earn him brownie points?) and win his brother back– an attempt which is most probably futile.

Sean, 81, says he has not spoken to Daniel in 19 years, since helped someone write a biography about Daniel. Sean said he lent the author a copy of a book he wrote himself about their father, the former Poet Laureate Cecil Day-Lewis. Sean insists he lent the book as a way to ensure all the facts of their father were portrayed correctly but Daniel, who is known in Hollywood to be incredibly private, was pissed and cut off all ties with Sean.

‘He [Daniel] phoned me up and told me to get a f*cking life and to f*ck off. I couldn’t get a word in. That was our last conversation. I have no means of getting hold of Dan now except through his agent,” Sean said. “I only gave him [the author] my book because I wanted him to get the facts right, and he didn’t even do that – he got birthdays on the wrong days.”

Sean added the relationship between the two brothers first began to sour when he wrote the biography.

“He didn’t like me writing anything about him, naturally,” he said. “Dan hates publicity and doesn’t like journalists, and I was in a tribe of hacks.”

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