Anti-Semitism of the Weird


I so want to draw some grand truth from this.

Sana Kojok who, I gather, blogs at the Lebanese newspaper El Sharq, writes about the Jewish holidays.

From what I can make out from Google translate, she starts off with a fairly accurate roundup of how Jewish holidays play out — and then deviates deep into the crazy, with a recounting of the blood libel.

She wraps up quoting from Benjamin Franklin’s "Jewish prophecy," a fraud exposed more than a half-century ago.

So far, so banal. But then:

She has a Facebook page.

It’s like a lot of Facebook pages, with flirty photos and flighty thoughts.

This one in particular sticks out:

je suis un esprit qui chante hors du ciel…

"I am a spirit who sings outside heaven …"

One is tempted to overintectuallize, to overcontextualize, to use this bizarre juxtaposition of evil and … well, embarrassing and to draw conclusions about how hatred thrives even in the driest, flattest environments.

But such thinking undercuts what makes this juxtaposition so … watchable. The weirdness is so ineffable.

Try as I do, I just can’t get at it.

But Sana kind of does, elsewhere on her Facebook page:

la sourire est un mot sans caracteres…

"A smile is a word without letters."

Yes. Yes. So damn yes.

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