Bieber’s Anne Frank furor, Billy Joel’s daughter stalked, ‘90210’ star joining Chippendales


NEW YORK (6NoBacon) — Justin Bieber, no stranger to controversy, stirred another one with his visit to the Anne Frank House.

Biebs, visiting the Netherlands over the weekend for a concert in Arnhem, visited the landmark on Friday night for two hours. Afterward he wrote in the guestbook, “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

Of course, the comment made the Internet explode, since so many online already are dedicated to either loving or hating Bieber. Here was one comment: ”I just can’t believe that he would turn something that important into a publicity platform for himself. What a dirtbag.” That was just the tip of the iceberg.

True Beliebers (who did not spend their childhood hiding in the attic from Nazis) said in his defense that he is “just a human” and that it was “ironic that all of you are spewing hate. Isn’t this why Anne Frank and countless others had to go into hiding?”

Missing the point a little, but a good thought.

The authority on offensiveness, the ADL’s Abraham Foxman, said Frank was a fan of celebrities and pop culture, so he doesn’t ”see anything wrong” with what Bieber wrote. At least Biebs dodged that bullet.

Billy Joel’s daughter shaken by stalking

Alexa Ray Joel allegedy was the victim of a stalker, and the daughter of Grammy Award-winning singer Billy Joel is pretty shaken up by it. 

A Sheryl Finley of Minnesota allegedly sent Alexa more than “60 messages via Facebook, with some involving ‘pedophilia, sadistic-sexual behavior, violent physical assaults and murder,’” the New York Post reported. Alexa, a 27-year-old songwriter, was “afraid to leave her Manhattan home.”

Billy Joel hired a bodyguard for his daughter and contacted his good friend Paul McCartney, who recommended a private security firm to help investigate the matter.

People like that can sure give you a heart attack-ack-ack-ack …

Ian Ziering of ‘90210’ fame now a Chippendale

Remember Ian Ziering? Best known as Steve Sanders, the funny rich boy in the 1990s hit show “Beverly Hills, 90210,” Ziering has chosen a new career path: male stripping.

According to TMZ, the 49-year-old Jewish actor, who was a semifinalist in the fourth season of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” will join Chippendales Las Vegas at the Rio All-Suite Hotel Casino in June.

“Actors and performers never know what their next job will be, and when I got the call from Chippendales, my jaw dropped as it came on the heels of TMZ calling me fat on national TV,” Ziering told Us Weekly.

“I am so excited to be a part of this iconic worldwide organization, it’s really a dream come true!” Ziering gushed.

We just want to know one thing: What would Brandon Walsh do?

Cameron Douglas loses appeal to shorten jail term

Cameron Douglas, the 34-year-old son of Michael Douglas, won’t be leaving prison anytime soon following a federal appeals court ruling.

On Monday, the New York court upheld a federal court judge’s ruling to tack on 54 months to Cameron’s five-year sentence for heroin possession and conspiracy to distribute narcotics. The time was added because Cameron, a longtime substance abuser, had relapsed while in jail and was using again.

According to E!, Cameron’s attorney Paul Shechtman in the appeal made in December that his client’s sentence “shockingly long” and “maybe the harshest sentence ever imposed on a federal prisoner for a drug possession offense.”

But U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Gerald Lynch said Monday that Cameron is an example of a defendant who “has shown himself to be a poor candidate for treatment or leniency.”

Prior to his imprisonment, Cameron appeared in minor roles in several films. He is expected to be released in 2018.

B.J. Novak signs huge book deal

B.J. Novak, the head writer and a former actor in the hit TV series “The Office,” has been signed to a two-book deal by Knopf Publishers, reportedly with more than a seven-figure advance. Novak, better known as Ryan the temp, will start with fiction.

His agent compares Novak to a “young Woody Allen.” Novak’s work has been consistently smart and intelligent, but forgive the skepticism in comparing him to one of the greater comedic minds of all time. Even if he’s no Woody, we’re excited to see what he can do.

Novak’s book deal follows one to another young Jewish ingenue, Lena Dunham, who received a $3 million advance for her upcoming memoir.

Alison Brie loves …

Alison Brie is the sweetheart for connoisseurs of high-quality television (“Mad Men,” “Community”). She’s also well known as being hilarious, so it’s always fun to hear her talk — about anything.

In Esquire’s May edition, Brie shared what she loves, which for the men among our readers work as ice breakers, if you dare.

Apparently Brie loves 38 for being a “round and voluptuous number.” She loves how loud her mother laughs from her own jokes. She loves giraffes, “because their bodies defy nature and embrace it at the same time.”

And she loves her real last name, Shermerhorn, saying its mispronunciation “is like nails on a chalkboard. It starts S-c-h, so everybody pronounces it as if it were Shermerhorn. But it should be pronounced like it’s Skermerhorn.”

One more thing Brie loves: Looking at her dad when they’re singing together around the holidays. So adorable.

Never change, Alison, never change.

New details of the Drake-Chris Brown brawl

Some new “facts” have come to light on the now infamous scrum between everyone’s favorite Canadian Jewish rapper, Drake, and Chris Brown, not everyone’s favorite person.

The altercation last year between their crews left numerous people injured, but it remained unclear why the fight actually broke out. TMZ has a new report, based on the account given by Brown’s bodyguard, Patrick Strickland, that Drake passed a note to Brown — that’s right, a note — with the taunt, “I’m f**king the love of your life.” Drake apparently was referring to Rihanna.

In a recent interview with a New York radio station, Drake said in referencing Brown, “Don’t ask me s*** about that man when I come up there and leave that man alone. Stop preying on his insecurities. His insecurities are the fact that I make better music than him, that I’m more popping than him and that at one point in life the woman that he loves fell into my lap.”

Drake added, “I did what a real n***a would do and treated her with respect.”

Stay classy, Drake.

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