Today in Jewish baby daddy news
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Today in Jewish baby daddy news

“Cougar Town” actress Busy Philips has just announced that she and (Jewish) husband Marc Silverstein are having a girl.

“We’re really excited,” Philips revealingly told Us Weekly.

This’ll be girl number two—their older daughter, Birdie, is 4.

A couple that seems, um, slightly more serious about child naming is Harvey Weinstein and his wife, (non-Jewish) Marchesa desginer Georgina Chapman. They will be calling their newborn son Dashiell Max Robert.

Per the New York Post, Dashiell is named after “The Thin Man” by Dashiell Hammett because Georgina reminds Harvey of “Thin Man” character Nora Charles. “She was so beautiful, and so clumsy,” Weinstein said.

Max is after Weinstein’s dad, and not sure about Robert.

Weinstein has a daughter, India Pearl, with Chapman, and Emma, and Lily and Ruth from his first marriage.