Adele and Babs are friends and share recipes


Looks like Adele has finally found someone like…Jew. Hehe. (Couldn’t resist–my apologies.)

Anyway, according to The Sun, ever since meeting Barbara Streisand at the Oscars in February the two singing superstars have developed a nice little friendship.

Adele stopped over for dinner before the awards ceremony, where Barbra Streisand’s personal health-oriented chef’s dishes left a big impression on the English Grammy and Oscar winner.

Apparently they’ve kept up the relationship, emailing and chatting by phone about recipes ever since.

“Adele got heavily into cooking during her break from music to have her son and Barbra has always been fanatical about what goes into her food,” a source told The Sun.

A match made in heaven, it seems. So could there be a cookbook in the works? Anything’s possible, but a more likely product of the pairing is a duet. According to The Sun Barbra has already tossed this around with other friends, and she says she has song ideas.

Looking forward to the collaboration, and thrilled that Adele’s experience with Jewish women over 65 isn’t limited to Joan Rivers.

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