‘Dude, Where’s My Chutzpah” is a filmmaker’s hilarious tale on finding herself through Judaism


Jessie Kahnweiler’s, a filmmaker who wrote and directed the comedic web series ‘Dude, Where’s my Chutzpah‘ has an artist statement on her website that includes the addendum, “Jessie can’t afford therapy so she makes films.” Although her web series is premised around her searching for her own meaning of Judaism, or more aptly her own ‘innate chutzpah’, Jessie seems to already be more ‘Jewish’ than she thinks. 

With her quick wit and knack for sarcasm, it’s no surprise that Kahn was selected in 2011 for the 6 Points Artist Fellowship, a two year grant which “selects projects that reflect or embody a thoughtful engagement with Jewish history, values, and issues that resonate with a broad range of audiences.”

After her recently deceased Bubbie left Jessie a large sum of money in her will, Kahn discovers there’s one caveat. In order to receive the cash she must learn how to ‘Live Jewish’ for an entire year. Jessie had a Bat Mitzvah and has been on Birthright, but never felt a pull towards her own Jewish heritage.

The latest episode, #7, ” Israel Kesher” opens with Kahnweiler complaining that “God is too emotionally unavailable” for her. Her grandmother’s Rabbi, who serves as Jessie’s spiritual guide, also acts as Jessie’s whipping post.  Jessie compares Rabbi Goldberg to “Ghandi’s twitter feed,” as the Rabbi tells her “To be furious with God should be just as important as loving God.” In this episode, Jessie travels to Israel where she searches for the Kotel and ends up in a danger-zone instead.

Watching Jessica on her journey to “find Hashem” is a hilarious and quirky take on soul searching.

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