Why we love ‘The Voice’s’ Michelle Chamuel


We here at 6NoBacon keep our political opinions to ourselves as a matter of policy, you know, because we’re professional journalists and all that. Today, though, we are making a rare and ethically-questionable exception, with our decision to share our very biased thoughts on who you should vote for…on tonight’s finale of “The Voice.”

Up against two country acts (feh!), is our girl Michelle Chamuel of Team Usher. With her thick-framed glasses and cute jean-and-blazer outfits, the Jewish indie/pop singer is the quintessential anti-Diva.

Not only is Chamuel a powerful performer (the audience went wild over her covers of “I Knew You Were Trouble” and “I Kissed A Girl”), but she’s also fluent in French. Her Parisian stripey shirt look might lead you to believe she picked up the language in France, but we suspect she learned it from her parents, who emigrated from Egypt in the 1960s. Oh, and by the way her dad is the cutest thing ever.

We love that her double minority status (in addition to being Jewish she is openly lesbian) hasn’t overshadowed her popularity with the American voting public—or her music.

“I don’t think of myself as ‘a lesbian musician’ or a ‘Jewish artist.’ It’s not one and alone. I think of myself as a musician,” Chamuel said in an interview with After Ellen. “I’m not in to labels, which makes it so that I don’t live by them anyway, so I’m not trying to fit into a category. I think people should do whatever they want.

Good luck tonight Michelle!

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