Watch: Kanye West playing a “black Larry David”


Way back in the year 2008, long before baby North was a glimmer in Kim Kardashian’s eye, Kanye West was a man with a dream. A dream of becoming…the black Larry David. Really — that’s what he said. To Larry Charles, the executive producer of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Yes, it may be difficult to imagine Kanye imagining himself as a crotchety Jew from Brooklyn, but then again this is a guy who compared himself to Michael Jordan and Steve Jobs and has just released an album loosely named after the son of God. No matter how deluded he may be, though, nobody can argue that Kanye is a guy with connections. So it’s no surprise that he gathered a bunch of important people and created a pilot for HBO that, like “Curb,” was partially improvised.

According to Shalom Life, test audiences and those who worked on the project loved it. Kanye, Larry Charles said, “is so much funnier than people realize.” Nevertheless, the pilot, which according to Charles was “too hardcore for HBO,” was canned. And that was that.

Until now. For some mysterious reason (definitely not because it coincides with the launch of the rapper’s album and clothing line, we’re sure) the clip has resurfaced and gone viral. Enjoy. And who knows — maybe HBO will too.

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