Watch: Snoop Lion helps Larry King become “first” Jewish rapper


CNN star Larry King wants to become the first ever Jewish rapper, and he’s enlisted the assistance of none other than rhyming veteran Snoop Dogg Lion.

While Snoop didn’t break the news to King that artists like the Beastie Boys and Drake have already beaten him to it, he did do a pretty good job of coaching the 79 year old.

During a visit to Snoop’s Tha Double Gangsta Hood News Network, King was quizzed by the joint-toting rapper on his interests. Then the two launched into a rap about peanut butter, baseball, and dinner.

“Mazel tov Mr. King, let your voice and legacy continue to ring,” Snoop said, closing out the duet.

King’s no Jerry Lewis or anything, but you have to give the guy an A for effort.

In addition to brightening our morning, this collaboration has also made us wonder, what’s up with all of the recent love between famous Jewish guys over 50 and rap stars?

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