Weiner train keeps chugging


Some guys just can’t get a break. You’d think that maybe, just maybe, after the sexting and the press conferences, and more sexting and the refusal to bow out, Anthony Weiner could just do what he says he wants to to do, focus on the issues, on the things that reaaaaaly matter to New Yorkers.

But no.

In a blog post and then in the New York Daily News on Tuesday, former Weiner campaign intern Olivia Nuzzi drops a few (admittedly lightweight) bombs on the disgraced congressman’s bid to become mayor of New York. If you’re hoping for some new revelations of lewd office shenanigans, sorry. There’s precious little here to sink your teeth into. Basically, some folks joined up in the hopes of networking with Weiner’s wife so they could secure cushy gigs in a future Hillary Clinton administration, the staff is inexperienced and Weiner has trouble remembering people’s names.

The piece reads as a highly opportunistic hit job that barely delivers a hit. Which may be why Weiner’s communications director unloaded on Nuzzi in an expletive-filled interview with Talking Points Memo. “I’m dealing with like stupid f—–g interns who make it on to the cover of the Daily News even though they signed NDAs and/or they proceeded to trash me,” is a typical quote.

The cursing aside, I kinda feel for the communications director. Clearly the Weiner folks are feeling the heat. All the major papers in New York are calling on Weiner to bow out and end the circus. But as this video from the Weiner campaign makes clear, that ain’t happening anytime soon. In fact, he says it would be simply un-New Yorkerish of Weiner to do anything BUT stick it out — unless you’re a member of Congress and just got caught tweeting pictures of your crotch, of course. As he tells us so earnestly, this isn’t about him — it’s about the people.

So people, this one’s for you.

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