Lewis Black kvetches about Yom Kippur


Whether you’re looking forward to or feeling anxious about the upcoming big Day of Atonement, it’s unlikely you’re laughing about it. That’s where we here at 6NoBacon come in.

Allow us, if you will, to inject a touch of levity into your holiday prep with some Yom Kippur stand-up from Lewis Black.

In this bit, the angry Jewish comedian shares his opinions on the holy day, as well as his memories of his first Kol Nidre service at age 5.

The threat of not being inscribed into the Book of Life scared the crap out of Black, as did the music, which he describes as the basis of every Alfred Hitchcock soundtrack. “You look around expecting bats to come in,” he shouted.

With that in mind, we hope you have a meaningful and, if not funny, then at least relatively non-terrifying day.

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