Today in ‘Entourage’ news: Movie on hold, the real Ari gets a treadmill desk


The latest on “Entourage” is that the movie version is delayed again, this time by certain cast members who are asking for more money. Sort of disappointing, until you’re hit with a flashback of the “Sex and the City” movie.

More interesting, in our opinion, is this one from The Hollywood Reporter on Ari Emanuel, the inspiration for the HBO show’s sharky Jewish agent, Ari Gold. Apparently Emanuel is not just a Hollywood bigwig and the brother of the Mayor of Chicago. He is also a trendsetting multi-tasker.

WME head Ari Emanuel installed one of those newfangled treadmill desks in his office, and about 20 employees at the firm have followed suit.

“I tear through my work because you get so singularly minded about what you are doing,” WME agent Adriana Alberghetti told THR on Sept. 6 at the Lucky Them afterparty in Toronto. “You have to, or else you fall off!”

She added that during the past few weeks, she has convinced Paramount president Adam Goodman and Sony production president Hannah Minghella to buy them as well.

We sort of want one, too. Or maybe we just want to watch these people use them.

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