French comedian: ‘One can be Jewish and not be completely disgusting’


Jews in France are up in arms over an inflamatory comment made by a humorist on French TV earlier this month, The Algemeiner reports.

The offensive remark came from Sebastian Thoen during his introduction of popular Jewish Comedian Elie Semoun on the prime-time Le Grand Journal show. Semoun was on to promote his new book.

“You never embarked into communitarianism […] You could have also appeared in the streets selling jeans and diamonds from the back of a car saying ‘Israel is always right, f*** Palestine woualala….’ But you did not … One can be Jewish and not be completely disgusting. No offense to some!” Thoen said according to a translation provided to the Algemeiner.

Uh, was something lost in translation, or was the “joke” really as horrifying as it sounds? French speakers can watch and see for themselves. We’ll take the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions’ word for it, though, and chalk this one up to an example of the “trivialization of anti-semitism.”



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