Netanyahu, in Persian


Benjamin Netanyahu’s Facebook page touts his interview with BBC’s Persian service as a first to a Persian-speaking audience — whch begs an interesting question: Why has he never spoken to Israel Radio’s Persian Service? (One exists, and President Shimon Peres annually relays Nowruz messages over it.)

Netanyahu intersperses the English-language interview with two Persian phrases:

I would welcome, a genuine, a genuine rapprochement, a genuine effort to stop the nuclear program, not a fake one, not Harf-E Pootch, we’re not Sadeh-Lowh, we want a real thing, a real thing we would welcome.

According to the Hebrew text on Netanyahu’s Facebook page, “Sadeh-Lowh” translates as “freier,” modern Israeli vernacular for “sucker”; “Harf-E Pootch” translates to Hebrew as “divrei hevel,” or nonsense.

Here’s the video:

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