Tuesday TV highlights: Schmidt says the Shema, Ben Feldman sings Katy Perry


Tuesday night is shaping up to be the Jewiest night on TV. There’s “The Goldbergs” of course, Andy Samberg on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and then a couple of old favorites, both of which had some pretty good moments last night.

On “New Girl,” Jewism-spouting Schmidt (Max Greenfield) goes to the next level with a recitation of the Shema (no clip as of yet, argh!). That was followed by “The Mindy Project,” where another Jewish guest star plays one of Mindy’s love interests. This time it’s Ben Feldman, aka Ginsburg from “Mad Men,” as a highfalutin arts writer who ultimately and very sweetly serenades Dr. L with some Katy Perry.

We always had a thing for Schmidt, but wow, it’s amazing how charming Feldman can be when he drops the awkward neurosis and picks up a ukulele.

Check it out:

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