Women of the Wall meets the fashion runway


They’ve been on the front lines of the fight over the Western Wall. Now, will they be on the covers of fashion magazines?

According to Ynet, Women of the Wall is serving as an inspiration for a new women’s clothing line by fashion designer Comme-Il-Faut. Based on traditional hasidic men’s modes of dress, the line will, Comme-Il-Faut hopes, look good with the prayer shawls famously worn by Women of the Wall at its monthly Western Wall prayer service.

Featuring dark-white contrasts, vests, long pants and even a kapote — the traditional hasidic coat — the line tailors centuries-old outfits worn by hasidic men to modern women’s tastes, introducing “a design and feminine twist” into the clothes, Comme-Il-Faut designer Sharon Daube told Ynet.

Many Israelis react with indifference to Women of the Wall, but after meeting with the group’s leadership Daube called its mission “authentic and real.”

Part of the collection is a t-shirt that says, in traditional Torah script, “We lovingly give permission to one another” — a reference to Women of the Wall’s claim that the group does not need license from haredi rabbis to pray at the wall. Proceeds from the shirt’s sales will go to the group.

This isn’t the first time Comme-Il-Faut has confronted a heated Israeli political debate. A decade ago, the company staged a photo shoot next to Israel’s separation barrier for a catalogue called “Women Crossing Borders.”

Women of the Wall plans to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a service at the Western Wall next week. No word yet on whether — along with the usual media delegation — a reporter from Cosmo will show up. 

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