Woody Allen, Larry David, Joan Rivers and more: The best and worst Halloween costumes of 2013


Halloween is just a few days away, which means this past weekend was packed with parties, which means swarms of costumed celebs, which means an onslaught of awesome photos.

How, you must be wondering, will you ever begin to process the alternately hilarious, ironic, revealing, super creative, or boring get-ups worn by your favorite (Jewish) stars?

A little superlative treatment always helps.

Best Miley Cyrus: Joan Rivers, whose fat suit and tongue extension helped her beat the other Mileys (most notably Paris Hilton and Hugh Hefner’s lady friend) by a wide, wide margin.

Best portrayal of a Jew by a non-Jew: Alongside Joan “Miley Cyrus” Rivers was Fashion Police co-host George Kotsiopoulos, who dressed up like Lena Dunham. No half shirt action or anything, but smile-inducing nonetheless.

Most realistic: This guy eschewed a party’s “Gauguin” theme and went, instead, as Woody Allen. The sweater, the glasses, the morose expression… brilliant! Oh wait, scratch that. The guy actually was Woody Allen.

Most bang for the buck: All Larry David needed for his Siamese twin costume was a couple of sweaters, an oversized t-shirt, a scarf, and, of course, a friend. Totally low-key, totally hilarious.

Least recognizable: Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher as, well, it’s impossible to tell, but we bet they were inspired by watching their daughters play dress up. And by David Lynch.

Least Jewish: This award goes to David Arquette, really just because of the cross artwork featured on what appears to be some sort of magician-mariachi mash-up.

Best glow: Chelsea Handler, who went as “pregnant and excited about it,” according to a Tweet from the talk show host herself. Not sure where the up do comes in, but it looked quite pretty.

Least effort: Bethenny Frankel, hands down. A mask, really? Why bother? And since when does she want to impede any type of publicity? At least the kid looked cute.

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