Elsewhere: Polarized Iran debate, Lieberman on Iran, ditching divisive labels


The polarized Iran debate: U.S.-Israel tensions over Iran negotiations are causing acrimony between supporters of the Obama administration and its American critics. (Politico)

On Iran, blame Bush: President George W. Bush’s decision is to blame for Iran’s seemingly impending victory on the nuclear issue, writes Ari Shavit. (N.Y. Times)

Countering Iran’s regional ambitions: Along with its nuclear program, Iran’s actions toward Lebanon, Iraq and Syria need to be confronted, write Joseph Lieberman and Vance Serchuk. (Washington Post)

Beyond Orthodox: The term Orthodox and other labels serve to divide Jews, writes Rabbi Mendel Teldon. (N.Y. Jewish Week)

Remarrying rabbi and the RCA: Rabbi Marc Schneier, now on his fifth marriage, still faces an inquiry by the Rabbinical Council of America into the circumstances of how his last one ended. (Forward)

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