Elsewhere: Israel cancer dilemmas, shul’s civility mandate, Arik Einstein’s legacy


Israel’s cancer dilemmas: In Israel, a proposal for universal screening for a cancer gene stirs debate. (N.Y. Times)

Iran deal’s costs: The interim nuclear deal is unlikely to lead to a final agreement and gives Iran a free hand in the region, writes Michael Doran. (Brookings)

Shul’s civility mandate: After some election-year acrimony, a Florida synagogue asks its members to sign a civility statement. (Sun-Sentinel)

Remembering Arik Einstein: The singer’s music defined an era in Israel, writes Liel Leibovitz. (Tablet)

Who is Sholem Aleichem?: The famed Yiddish writer’s reputation is entangled in a Broadway musical staged long after he died. (Forward)

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