Report: al-Qaida has gained foothold in West Bank


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Al-Qaida reportedly has gained a foothold in the West Bank, an Islamist group has asserted.

Majles Shura al-Mujahideen, or Holy Warriors’ Assembly, said in recent days on an Islamist web forum, “By the will of God Almighty, the global jihadi doctrine has reached the bank of pride, the West Bank, planting its foothold after all attempts to thwart its presence.”

Three suspected terrorists said to have been planning terror attacks against Israel and the Palestinian Authority who were killed by Israeli troops last week in the West Bank were members of al-Qaida, according to the forum, Reuters reported, and proved that the Islamist terror organization has established itself in the West Bank.

Reuters reported that the group already has support in Gaza and that Majles Shura al-Mujahideen called for an end to Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

“We are serious about fighting the aggression against religion by the blaspheming Jews and the hypocritical collaborators,” the statement also said.

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