Watch: A pro-settler Miley Cyrus parody


The latest entry into the overcrowded Jewish parody video category is “Jews Can’t Stop,” in which American-born, Israel-dwelling Orit Arfa puts her pro-settler views to the tune of Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop.”

If you are having trouble imagining what this might entail, think one of those embarrassing “American Idol” auditions, peppered with shots of a woman mouthing a Star of David pendant, swimming in a stream and licking the rocks within, and posing sexily with a bulldozer. Oh, and then there those cleverly wrought lyrics such as “We build things, things don’t build we/don’t take nothing from John Kerry,” and “”We gonna fight all night/till we get our birthright.”

Come to think of it, never before have we so craved a Simon Cowell-type figure to break down all of the things wrong here, artistically speaking. Because no matter how you feel about the message, we can all hopefully agree on the cringe-worthy nature of its delivery.

In a Jewish Journal blog post titled “Jeffrey Goldberg Twerk’s John Kerry’s Butt” Arfa explains that she was inspired by a mishmosh of two recent pieces Jeffrey Goldberg wrote for Bloomberg View: “John Kerry is Israel’s Best Friend” and another on everyone’s favorite twerking pop star.

Lest you worry Arfa reserves her outspokenness for her musical performances, she is quite clear on how she really feels about Goldberg, who, she says, “makes Miley’s famous tongue look really short from the way he wields his own up the behind of Obama and his officials.” She’s a total Miley fan, though, hence the video.

Watch it and weep. For real.

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