Gal Gadot signs 3-picture deal to play Wonder Woman


Get ready for lots of Gal Gadot. Turns out the Israeli actress and model won’t just be playing Wonder Woman in “Batman vs. Superman,” as recently reported. She’ll be playing Wonder Woman in three movies.

Gadot revealed the news of her three-picture deal with Warner Bros. on the Israeli talk show “Good Evening With Gai Pines.” She also shared that she’s getting paid a modest $300,000 for the first of the three films, a follow-up to “Man of Steel.”

This kind of frankness when it comes to salary is unusual in Hollywood for sure. It could be she thought the information would stay in Israel, although in that case, she seriously underestimated the passionate devotion of comic book fans. The interview appeared first on Batman News (tagline: “The premier source for all things Batman”). Judging from her last chat with Gai Pines, though, Gadot is simply the type who likes to put it all out there.

Also gleaned from this latest clip: “Batman vs. Superman” begins filming in May, and Gadot is quite comfortable in a bikini. Check it out here.

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