Watch: Jonah Hill as a 6-year-old Catskills comic on ‘SNL’


Just when you thought “Saturday Night Live” couldn’t get any Jew-ier (thanks Drake!), Jonah Hill took over as guest star this past weekend. His third time on the show meant another opportunity to see the “Wolf of Wall Street” star play Adam Grossman, a 6-year-old whose body has been invaded by the spirit of a 70-year-old Catskills comic.

Adam proves himself to be quite the little pisher. Dining at Beninhana with his stepmother, a child psychologist named Debbie Wasserstein (Vanessa Bayer), he delivers his monologue at the communal table, poking fun at “the bowl of charisma” (that’s poor Debbie), flirting with the waitress and reminding us of his age.

He even chats up the pair of women at his table, learning they’re out because one is getting over a breakup.

“I myself am no stranger to heartache,” Adam commiserates. “At recess last week I showed my tuchus to one Jenny Finkel and she was, as they say, not having it. At least I have my turtle to keep me company.”

“What’s your turtles name?” his table-mate asks.

“Shel Silverstein! If you’re 6, that joke is hilarious.”

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