Elsewhere: Kosher Valentine’s Day, Orthodox label’s flaws, freedom for hate speech


JDate’s Jewish humor:  New ads for JDate take advantage of Jewish humor, often using “inside jokes” to attract a Jewish constituency. (N.Y. Times) 

Is Valentine’s Day kosher?: Various rabbis have opined on whether celebrating the day of love constitutes idol worship,  Elon Gilad writes. (Forward)

Freedom for hate speech: European legislative attitudes toward hate speech preclude an exchange of ideas that might sway opinions instead of repressing them, James Kirchick writes. (Tablet)

Jews and voting rights: Jews should be particularly engaged with the universal accessibility of voting, given their history, Stosh Cotler writes.  (Huffington Post)

Flaws in the ‘Orthodox’ label: The Israeli term ‘dati’ is more inclusive, and doesn’t drive people to the right, Yoseif Bloch writes. (Times of Israel)

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