Elsewhere: ‘F’-word in Ukraine, ‘conversion therapy’ fight, kosher knife maker


Russia, Ukraine and fascism:  In recent conflicts, Russia is claiming to protect minorities, like Jews, that it has long persecuted, Timothy Snyder writes. (N.Y. Review of Books)

Gay conversion therapy struggle: Orthodox groups are fighting a New Jersey ban on conversion therapy for minors that aims to change their sexual identity. (Forward)

Instruments of slaughter: Moshe Yurman talks about making knives for kosher slaughter. (Tablet)

Why ‘Philistine’ is a slur: The word Philistine has its origins in the Hebrew Bible, but its modern use as an insult diverges from its ancient meaning. (Moment)

A seat at the table: In all the conversations about women’s status in Orthodox Judaism, few women’s voices are heard, Corinne Berzon writes. (Times of Israel)

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