Jordanian lawmakers vote to expel Israeli envoy


JERUSALEM (JTA) — Jordan’s parliament voted to expel Israel’s ambassador to Amman and recall its envoy following a Knesset debate about Israel regaining sovereignty over the Temple Mount.

The vote on Wednesday is not binding on the Jordanian Cabinet, which has the final decision. The government is unlikely to approve the measure, according to reports.

A day earlier, 47 Jordanian lawmakers signed a statement calling for the 1994 peace treaty with Israel to be rescinded. Under the treaty, Jordan was given special jurisdiction over the Temple Mount and other Muslim holy sites.

The Temple Mount is overseen by the Muslim Wakf, the religious administration charged with managing the Temple Mount site, which is holy to Jews and Muslims. Jews generally are not permitted by the Wakf to pray or bring any ritual objects to the Temple Mount.

In the Knesset debate on Tuesday night, Moshe Feiglin of the Likud party called on the Israeli government “to apply the full sovereignty of the State of Israel in the entire Temple Mount. I call on the Israeli government to allow free access to any Jew to the Temple Mount through any gate, and allow them to pray.”

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